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MusicRepublic - World Traditional Music Blog
« -: Септември 21, 2022, 06:28:00 18:28 »
Много интересен и сравнително богат блог с фолклорна музика от цял свят.
Редки издания на винил, грижливо цифровизирани, които автора е събирал в продължение на години.


"I launched this blog to share my passion for the great traditional and folk musics of the world, music very much at risk of being lost or forgotten.
My goals are to highlight the great diversity of our traditional music heritage, to bring rare and little-known recordings to the music-loving public,
and to offer a doorway for people who have an interest but don't know where to begin in this vast arena.

This blog is only a small part of a massive project I've been working on for 30 years—the Global Museum of Music—a comprehensive and highly curated digital music collection.
The objective is to achieve the goals above, but also to cull shining examples from a dauntingly immense number of recordings, and, above all, to preserve a great heritage.
I'm focusing on: Traditional & Folk Musics of the World, Jazz from Swing to Free, Contemporary Classical & Electroacoustic,
Minimalism, Ambient, Avant-Garde Rock, Film Soundtrack, The Golden Age of African Music, The Golden Age of Reggae-Rocksteady-Dub, Funk, Soul, 70s Rock, Bossa Nova, Party Music, etc.
I’m currently looking to expand this project and find partners for implementing legal and technological platforms."

Заб. Леко преписвам от себе си, надявам се Toshko да ми прости.

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