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La Locanda - Livigno - Italy
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Some experience from "La Locanda" - Livigno - Italy from our stay from this February
We booked form Booking.com

І. The ski wardrobe routine is the following:
- It is located two floors below the street level;
- You submerge there through the internal staircase;
- You exit it from the external stairs which lead on the parking at the side of the building;
- You most probably slip and fall on the ice there which was not removed the entire week;
- From there after you stand up you go to the ski bus stop and you might fall again on the ice in front of the restaurant entrances which was not touched for a week as well.
See photos.

II. Key routine. I mean room and wardrobe key routine...
You have three keys that you must manage, one from the room that is attached to enormous key-holder that weights half a kilo, one from the ski wardrobe in the dungeon which is again on the key-holder and one from the box to store the enormous key-holder.
The key holder is obviously made to be impossible to carry in your pocket, you you should leave it in the box on the staircase and take the small key.
So, when you return from skiing, you first go inside climbing some stairs to the box, fetch your key and go outside again in order to submerge to the wardrobe from the outside stairs. You do so, because ski shoes inside are forbidden.
You also might fall on the ice on the way to the entrance for the wardrobe.
The outside staircase in not lighted and is dark. There is an automatic lamp that engages only when you are half way down. It is a two story one shoulder staircase.
Then you change your ski boots and go to your room through the internal staircase.

Entrance to the wardrobe is to the right:

- 10m one way dark stairs follow...

III. The photos in booking did not match the actual rooms. We were accommodated in two small rooms with slanted roofs. The roof of our room was so low and slanted, that in half of the room you could not stand upright. The wardrobe is in this part  of the room and thus is around 1.4 m high.
The bathroom was with slanted roof as well and you could not stand upright in front of the mirror.

IV. Ice on the parking and in front of the place. They don't remove it and you fall. The walkway is sloped and with ice. They didn't remove it whole week although it was not snowing what so ever. Everyone from the company fell at least once.

V. The free Wi-Fi is actually a very limited service of 10 to 15 KBps which is complicated to use, with user name and password. It only worked for two days and then stopped. The staff explained that there are too many people in Livigno and everything is overloaded. While it just didn't connect.

VI. The sauna smells and looks like a swamp. Very bad.

VII. The place does not posses an iron. The Pakistani waiter first lied that there is a room in the basement, then issued an inappropriate invitation for visit for ironing to his place... No Comment!

VIII. Restaurant. The prices are above the average for Livigno. For instance it is cheaper, cosier and tastier in the area around Carosello-3000.
The waiter from Pakistan several times objected too small tips, although La Locanda includes 2 Euro per person for service.
Generally inappropriate behavior of the waiter.   

IX. The early checkout from 08 to 10 AM is absurd. They knock on your door nervously in 10.15.

X. In Booking initially there was a promotion when we booked and made first payment. This discount disappeared and they charged the original price then.

General considerations

Livigno is cold and dirty. 2017 it was with 100% artificial snow.
There are dirt and mud on the narrow streets. There are no walkways or they are too narrow.

The Italian customs office is waiting for you in case you decide to buy something from the shops. They will charge you for any dutifree goods above 35 Euro in original packaging, excess fuel, more than a liter of alcohol per person and etc. So what you buy in Livigno must be used there or it will seem you bought it from Milano.

The tunnel to Switzerland is a whole story on it's own. It is only one way a a time. And depending on the traffic it might not work in the direction to Switzerland from 10 to 19.45 on Saturday. When we arrived it worked simmetrically in both directions and when we departed it did not.
- The problem?
- They sell you only 42 Euro two way tickets.
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