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About the oiling and cooling, a short reasoning
« -: Юни 09, 2021, 01:03:36 13:03 »
Заповядайте едно мое кратко разсъждение на английски, което пуснах като коментар. Явно ми се е било насъбрало.

Въпросът беше, маслена помпа с голямо налягане или с голям дебит. Статия: https://www.enginelabs.com/engine-tech/oiling-systems/oil-pump-selection-is-high-pressure-or-high-volume-better/
Ето и моят отговор:

I have:
1- 4.6-3V - 5.2 bar minimum with SAE-20 at 2.000 RPM hot, with 5W-20 HTHS 2.9 exceeds it with allot;
2- 3.0 EB - regulated 1.8 bar idle and light cruise, all other modes 3.8 bar with SAE-30, with HTHS 3.1 regulates no problem;
3- 1HD-FTE - non regulated, 0.4 bar minimum at idle, makes 1.5 bar idle, 4.5 at 2.000 RPM and 6-7 bar 3.000 RPM with SAE-30 HTHS 3.57...

So, I want to say, I don't know what you are talking about  

P.S. In order not to be just off topic bragging... Whatever you modify, just don't touch factory clearances, invest in cooling systems and just keep stock temperature "envelope".
+ Keep oil viscosity index inline with engine metallurgy - super important;
+ Stick to OE viscosity... the mighty 2JZ is designed metallurgically for low HTHS SAE-30 < 3.5! (i.e. non ACEA C3)
+ If you get into trouble with ignition and fuel process - i.e. increased cylinder pressure due to increase charge density, go one step cooler plugs, adjust gap, etc.
+ if trouble persists, go with cooler thermostat;
+ Now, the cooler thermostat doesn't require thicker or thinner oil. Remember, engine metallurgy goes hand in hand with oil viscosity index.   it might require higher HTHS, i.e. switching from non ACEA C3 SAE-30 to a C3 SAE 30, i.e. going from Ravenol DXG HTHS 3.1 to Ravenol SSO HTHS 3.57, or from 2.6-2.7 Sae-20 to a 2.9 one (I know of at least two brands having SAE-20 with HTHS 2.9 i.e. virtually a SAE-30 in regards to bearings)
Modern fine honed cylinders and thin high tech piston rings love SAE-20 and SAE-30 and PAO synthetics.
Most modern engines will take double the power on stock metallurgy and stock clearances except for piston to cylinder cold clearance. - in the latter case be sure to make good use of the anti piston slap map in the ECU. High viscosity oil won't help piston slap, but will help the whole engine to wear out quicker and run much hotter. - remember, invest in cooling systems - that's plural, because it's not one system, but several.
P.S. Going cooler is loosing power   - delta t chamber to walls is increased, thus instead of making pressure/power, you end up dumping more heat in the environment. Heat issues? Make sure your exhaust timing and duration are not set for heater action instead of long enough expansion/work.

Best regards!